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We care about the success of your law firm.

We love getting results.  We won’t tie you up in expensive naval-gazing exercises when we could be raising your profile with your target markets, launching new services and generating new client enquiries.

We are organised and efficient control freaks.  We understand that you are busy with client work and your time needs to be leveraged to maximum effect, while ensuring that you never miss a deadline.

We’ll keep you on track.  We will ensure that you never miss a marketing deadline, and prefer to complete a few projects to the highest standard rather than having lots of ideas which never come to fruition.

Quality control is at the heart of everything we do.  We appreciate that the meaning of a contract can turn on a comma, and so we pay the utmost attention to detail in checking and proofing all the content which we produce to ensure that it is error free.

Achieving the highest standards.  All content – whether for a website, newsletter or social media – is written to a common style, and edited to plain English, in line with our bespoke style guide developed specifically for the legal profession.

We’ll keep you in budget.  We know that marketing expenditure is discretionary, and you will be looking for an attractive return on investment. We’ll also keep you safe from the snake-oil sellers!

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